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Our Services

Private Aviation & Airport Services

Private aviation &  Airport services offers different packages to suit individual needs, This services can provide you with VIP treatment, allowing you to travel in style and comfort while you reach your destination as quick and safe.

Corporate Transportation

The goal for our corporate transportation is to provide convenient and reliable transportation for customers allowing them to conduct business during their travels without interruption.  Inclusion of such transportation may include bottled water, WiFi, mobile charging capabilities along with climate control and professional chauffeur.

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Good looking young business woman sitting on backseat in luxury car. She smiling and looki

Corporate Roadshows

Corporate roadshow services vary from client to client. Sometimes a roadshow involves picking up a respected client or corporate executive on the airport's tarmac and comfortably transporting them to their important meeting without issue. The chauffeur should always have a contingency plan and prepared for last-minute changes in the itinerary. Chauffeur will  have all the destinations pre-programmed into their navigation system.

Nights On The Town

Treat yourself to a night on the town in style, comfort and convenience, as you are chauffeured around town in your own private vehicle. The chauffeur will take you to any desired location or restaurant, allowing you to enjoy the night stress free.  Enjoy the night in style, with the flexibility to go wherever you want and arrive safely.

Wedding Transportation

As you plan your big day, one of the crucial aspects to consider is the transportation. FCT is a reliable service provider an will guarantee comfort, convenience and style on your wedding day.  We will offer you an impressive fleet that will be an ideal feature to make your day unforgettable.  Here are some of the wedding transportation services that you can expect:​

  • Bridal Party Transportation

  • Red Carpet Service

  • Luxury Vehicles

  • Customized Packages

Prom Transportation

  • FCT sets the tone for an exciting and memorable night. Professional and experienced chauffeur will ensure that you arrive safely and on time allowing you to enjoy every moment.  Your transportation will offer an unforgettable experience, setting the stage for a night full of grand entrance, memories and fun.  

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